Sunday, February 23, 2014

So, the year is 2014! Here are a few things that I have neglected to post about! =^_^=  It's been almost 4's what I've been up to:

I did some crafty stuff with my home and fabrics, moved, more crafty stuff... but not much. (updated pics to come and details to come)
Lil Red and BB Wolf

Little Red AKA Super Girl! I ended up giving her to Cole.
Big Bad Wolf
Kim Lenz Embroidery
A Bride of Frankenstein doodle meant for embroidery.

Some Eastern flare in our old hot tub room.

Eli watching me clean up the hot tub room at our old house.
A softy that Eli and I made for Ruby's Monster B'day Party.

                                                                 My animals took over...

Darn beagle!

 Hachi-ko and her many toes.
Simo Fatty

Eli mimicking the face that Mochi makes.

Bonnie and Walter...What is he up to?


Sniff sniff

Regal Hachi

peppered cory

African cichlid. These guys are the jerks of the fish world, but very entertaining.

Mr Big Fins and his babies.

Lots of babies!
Leopard danio

Ozzy and Hachi-ko

Muffin Face

Overgrown aquarium


King Mochi with Cole

More to come =^_^=