Saturday, July 24, 2010


Sorry for the cheesy pun of a title, I just couldn't help myself. Yesterday evening we had a birthday party for my middle monster, Eli. I can't believe he's already three! Here are a few pics...I wasn't super happy with how they came out, but what can ya do?  Everyone had lots of fun, and that's what counts! 

My cake wreck attempt at making cupcakes look like a panda face. 

They tasted better than they looked.
The Birthday Boy

Jonas getting his nom on.

Cole stuffing his face...literally. 

The boys' cousins McKenzie and Ainsley.

Our panda party favors. I helped Jonas and Elijah make these, and Cole even helped stuff a couple! All of the kiddos went home with one of these little guys tied to a paw print balloon.

The stuffed panda that I made for Eli's birthday.
 I think Jonas likes it more than Eli does. Eli wouldn't even touch it after I gave him a box of matchbox cars. And, with all of the good stuff he got, his favorite toy was a cheap magnetized fishing pole. After cake and ice cream he even brought it out to the pool for a little deep sea fishing. 

The boys made a new friend as well. After we got home Eli wouldn't stop asking about "Wuby". That little girl is going to be one tough chick!


Holly Hall said...

Wuby and I had a blast! Everything looked so cute too.

Cat Soup said...

Thanks Holly! We were so glad you came!

Alix said...

Those hanging pandas are completely adorable!!

Cat Soup said...

Thank you!