Monday, July 26, 2010

Sly Little Stinker

I really think I'm getting better at this embroidery stuff, especially considering that I have yet to use a pattern. It's definitely a new love! Here are my latest projects~

Sly Fox
This little devil was based on an illustration of a fox in this book:
If your kids are fans of fairy tales and mythology, I highly recommend looking into this short but sweet series! I searched online but couldn't find another photo from the book, so I may take one of my own later. The fox, or kitsune in Japanese, is known for being a trouble maker and a trickster. Much like the raccoons in Japanese fairy tales, the fox often shape shifts to fool unsuspecting humans. 

Being modeled by my own sly little fox..

Stinky Love

My own design, and favorite piece so far. I think this sums up my feelings about romantic love quite nicely.

Putting this top on an ornery little boy adds a different feel to it. A bit mischievous, I think.

And that's it so far. Now that I've pretty much used up all of my tie-dye t-shirts I'm going to start creating my own embroidery designs on softies. We'll see how they turn out!


tata said...

Love your design! Looks great :)

Cat Soup said...

Thanks tata!

LoveandLustDesigns said...

New follower today and just wanted to say your blog, crafts, and kid are adorable!!

Cat Soup said...

Thanks very much L&L!