Friday, August 13, 2010

Geisha Kokeshi Reworked (Before and After)

Awhile back I made a geisha/kokeshi softy that I thought was cute enough, even if my sister did say she was creepy. There was something not quite right about her though... She was top heavy and wouldn't stand on her own, something that kokeshi should really be able to do by standard measure. 
So I decided to open her up and fix the problem. My solution: Beans!


Ready to go.

Tied up nice and tight.

That took care of the standing issue, but then I noticed that some of the stitches on her kimono didn't line up right.
 So, out came the embroidery thread and curved needle. I never had a curved needle until recently. I knew that one would come in handy, but I had no idea just how much easier it would make things like this. After I had her lines looking better, I noticed her obi was starting to fray. *sigh*  

 I pulled out a thick satin ribbon, sat down at my sewing machine and sewed two strips of rick rack along each side of it. I used to dislike rick rack quite a bit. I found it to be tacky, but now I seem attracted to anything it adorns~ aprons, shirts, skirts, softies, everything! 

Anyway, after I got a new obi guessed it, I found another imperfection that I couldn't live with. Her mouth was crooked.
Unfortunately for me, my oldest monster had lost my good seam ripper somewhere, so I had to use an old dull one. It took what felt like an eternity, but I finally got all of the thread out. I ended up removing her entire face and redoing it twice before I was happy with it. That curved needle saved me here too.

New face!
Now I'm done picking at her...hopefully. What do you think?



LeslieGallery said...

I think she looks AWESOME! I love how you re-did the mouth.

Cat Soup said...


Kerri said...

I love it! She looks SOOO much better! Great job, Pookey! XD