Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I've Been Blogged!

I was quite surprised to log in to Etsy today and find a message informing me that I had been featured in SonoSono's Newbie Monday blogpost. You can see it at Solilquies from SonoSono's Studio. I am truely honored, ecspecially since SonoSono does such amazing work! She has her own Etsy shop HERE. It's full of really beautiful jewelry like this~

She also features Japanese Friday in her blog which I love! She talks a bit about Japanese food as well as when she lived there. I've always found Japan to have the most increadible culture. It's my dream to be able to go there one day, so these blogposts are a special treat.


Italo said...

Brava, strange combination woman :D

Kate8085 said...

Congrats on the feature!!
Ah, Japan. One of the places
I have never made it to.
One day!!!